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Thematic Investing might seem hard and you may think it requires a lot to get started. That’s why we created Search4Stocks, a simple online search that helps you to find stock for your themes of interest to gradually build your portfolio of stocks over time.

Choose from any theme in your mind to get a list of stocks.

Easy to search4stock

You don’t need any educational background or experience Just enter your theme of interested and find companies of relevance.

Diverse portfolios

Maintain any number of universes by periodically searching for changes in any theme. Discover new investment opportunities every day.

Additional data

Our cutting-edge data technologies allow you to use additional data sources provided by third parties or yourself. For this, please contact our expert team to get details.

Personal guidance

Get useful advice about personalized thematic investing at scale from our experts, specifically made for your company. We guide you step by step so you can know how to reach goals.

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