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Create value by simply choose your theme plus by getting deep insights via drilling down with ALLIndex GPT


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Further hot themes


Fuel the Future:

Embrace the Power Shift to Sustainable and Innovative Energy Solutions for a Greener Planet.


Health Innovators:

Invest in the Promise of Breakthrough Treatments and Vaccines for a Healthier Tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence Redefined: Capitalize on the AI Evolution for Smarter Solutions and Transformative Technologies.

Explore Example: MedTech


1. Which themes and stocks are covered?

Any theme is covered due to our AI approach - just start and enter your theme. In the free version we are limited with respect to stock coverage for compliance reasons.

2. Is this available as SaaS model?

Yes, it is as you might want to use your proprietary data and research to leverage the output of your organisation.

3. Do I need to cancel after the free period?

No. The trial period is there to simply convince you to approach us for an extended service.

4. Where do I get the pricing overview?

Please contact us as we have offerings for individuals and organizations.
And to be clear: It is affordable.
We are on a mission to change the way everybody invests.

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